Pet Anesthesia

What to Know About Pet Anesthesia from Chenal Valley Animal Hospital in Little Rock

Just like people, certain procedures performed on pets require either a local or general anesthesia. We take into consideration the pet's health needs to ensure your pet's safety. At Chenal Valley Animal Hospital, serving Little Rock, AR and the surrounding, area, we perform a variety of procedures utilizing pet anesthesia. 

dog getting pet anesthesiaTreatments We Use Anesthesia for

Our veterinary hospital is fully equipped to perform a variety of surgeries including both routine and complex procedures. For instance, we routinely spay and neuter pets while we're also able to perform various surgeries on the musculoskeletal system. In addition, it's possible we'll use a sedative for dental or other hygiene services if we feel your pet could harm his or herself or us. 

Why We Use Anesthesia 

We use anesthesia so your pet is comfortable and doesn't feel any pain throughout surgery. We often use it so they're unconscious and don't realize what's going during the procedure. Additionally, our veterinarians use pet anesthesia in order to keep your pet safe when we conduct the treatment. If it's a dental or grooming procedure, we use a sedative to keep your pet calm. This guarantees that your pet remains safe and that we remain safe as well. 

How We Administer It 

The first step of the process is to determine the type of anesthesia to use. Then, we conduct testing and assess your pet's medical history in order to make sure it's safe for him or her. This may consist of blood testing and a thorough evaluation as well as any health conditions he or she may have. 

Next, we prepare your pet for the procedure. How we administer the anesthesia depends on what type your furry friend receives. We may either use a gas your pet inhales or give them an intravenous infusion. In some cases, we may perform both. If we give your pet a local anesthetic, we apply it directly to the area where our veterinarian is working on. Often, we give your pet a medication to stabilize his or her breathing and circulation when we give them the anesthesia.

Once we administer the anesthesia, our veterinary team carefully monitors your pet's vital signs for any issues that could indicate a problem. We even monitor your pet immediately following the anesthesia.

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