Krissy Smith

Meet the friendly staff at Chenal Valley Animal Hospital!

Krissy Smith
Professional Pet Stylist

Krissy began her grooming career as a bather at
PetSmart. Shortly after becoming a bather, she was presented the opportunity to
further her career and was offered a table in their accredited groomer's
training academy. She accepted and was sent to one of their academy training
store locations. There she learned gentle handling skills and the basics of
grooming a variety of dog breeds.

After completing the initial academy training,
she went on to complete the practical training at her home store. Krissy passed
with flying colors and received a grooming certification via PetSmart. She continued
as a groomer with them until she decided that grooming in a retail store was
just not what she wanted to do with the valuable grooming skills she had

Krissy quit PetSmart then soon after was hired as a groomer
at Briarwood Animal Hospital, which is CVAH's sister clinic. At the time, CVAH
was a young, growing business with only one groomer. Eventually, a second
groomer was desperately needed, so Krissy took on the challenge of moving to
CVAH. Over the years, she has worked hard through the challenges of maintaining
her own large grooming client base and taking on new clients as well.

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